We are looking for a DevOps engineer to architect the software development process and create an automated delivery pipeline that assists in building software more efficiently. The responsibilities of a DevOps architect include assessing, supporting, and implementing high-quality information technology architecture.

To be successful as a DevOps architect, you should demonstrate a leadership mindset, solid operational experience, and the ability to problem-solve. Ultimately, a top-notch DevOps Architect should have exceptional communication skills, be knowledgeable about the latest industry trends, and highly innovative.

To be shortlisted, please make sure to include your desired salary bracket in USD and your Region & Timezone.

DevOps Architect Responsibilities:

  • Facilitating the development process and operations.
  • Identifying setbacks and shortcomings.
  • Creating suitable DevOps channels across the organization.
  • Establishing continuous build environments to speed up software development.
  • Designing efficient practices.
  • Delivering comprehensive best practices.
  • Managing and reviewing technical operations.
  • Guiding the development team.

DevOps Architect Requirements:

  • Previous experience working on a 24x7 cloud or SaaS operation team.
  • Strong Understanding of Cloud environments, AWS, GCP, Azure
  • Experience with Kubernetes, GKE, EKS, VMWare Tanzu
  • Experience with infrastructure management and monitoring.
  • Strong knowledge of DevOps Platform tooling ( Chef, Puppet, and Docker.)
  • Working knowledge of automation service provisioning and middleware configuration.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong analytical skills.

    Why cloud-shape?

    * Competitive Salary. 3k to 5k USD
    * Fully Remote Work
    * Follow the sun model. Asia Timezone. i.e no overlapping with EU/US timezones.
    * Opportunity to get experience of public cloud to data centers.